School camps in corbett national park

Under supervision of experienced & english speaking certified mountaineering instructors-we are providing.

1. Student Climbing Courses : ( 18-31 Days ) - Student climbing is done in Namik Glacier in Uttarakhand and Pindari Glacier in Kumaon Himalayas. Climbing peaks are Shitidhar, Friendship Peak,Seven Sisters.

2. Short Term Climbing Course : ( 15 Days ) Short term courses are being conduct in same area but some lectures and demo's are selected.

3. Student Wildlife Tours : India offers a first hand introduction to students through wildlife sanctuaries and parks, Bird Sanctuaries . Wildlife sanctuaries of India like JIM CORBETT, RANTHAMBORE & KANHA NATIONAL PARK.

4. Student Summer Camps : From most common to lesser known places in Himalayas-we offer students a unique experience in Himalayas. As all activities are conducted,supervised and demonstrated by qualified and experienced instructors-students learn in best way possible.

Please do write and discuss with us what you want to include in your student program.

STUDENT SUMMER CAMPS Uttarakhand Garhwal Himalayas Kumaon Himalayas

STUDENT YOGA AND MEDITATION CAMPS: With more and more emphasis on character building and giving a positive attitude towards life-schools and colleges are introducing students to YOGA & MEDITATION. We provide Yoga Teacher from art of Living' institute along with complete silence in Himalayas.

STUDENT EDUCATION TOURS: To provide students a educational tour where they will be visiting and experiencing 'live' India -you can customize this tour by themes. For Example: India Tribal Tours, India Architecture, Indian History, Modern India, Indian Beaches, Himalayas in India, Other Mountain Ranges in India, Train Tour of India, Bus Tour of India, Temples of India, etc etc...

STUDENT WATER SPORTS: Student river rafting,kayaking and body surfing can be enjoyed in Beas and Ganges. These tours can be mixed with further camping and short trekking in areas.

STUDENT ROCK CLIMBING COURSES: Rock climbing can be provided to students in Himalayas and in Sahyadri mountain range. Rock climbing in Himalayas can be further mixed with trekking and camping in mountains and Rock climbing in Sahyadri can be mixed with visiting Ajenta & Ellora caves in Aurangabad.

OUR INSTRUCTORS: Comes from different backgrounds and cultural set-ups. This provides a variety in cultural exchange and first hand 'feel' of various societies and cultures of India. All instructors are certified MOI ( Method of Instruction) which is highest professional course in India. You have to score "A" grade in Basic Mountaineering Course then one is eligible for Advance Mountaineering Course- and having "A" grade in Advance,one is qualified to undertake METHOD OF INSTRUCTION course in only 3 mountaineering schools of India. 1. Western Himalayas Mountaineering Institute ( Manali ) 2. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute ( Darjeeling ) 3. Nehru Institute of Mountaineering ( Utterkashi)

Climbing Course: Depending upon duration of course asked for following subjects are covered along with lectures and demos. In last session- climbing of the course peak, in alpine style.

Student Trekking- Short and comfortable trails...

1. Beas Kund
2. Namik Glacier
3. Ghat-Sutol-Kunol-Wan-Karanparyag-Haridwaar
Kindly Note: You are free to modify following trekking plans.
Special treks are arranged for students and we add some educational activities in them. Information about Himalayas, Ecology & Pollution free Himalayas, Besides trekking -they are encouraged to self cooking, camp fires, camp games and of course night navigation are added flavor.

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