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The area in and around Bijrani once formed part of a shooting block. During the British period it was much famed for the quality of game hunting that it offered to shikaris. In comparison to Dhikala, the terrain at Bijrani is drier and also has more diverse vegetation.
Bijrani is undoubtedly a priority for tourists and wildlife adventurers as it offers unique topography. The more you explore Bijrani , the more unexplored it seems, and this goes on and on as you move into the interiors of the Corbett national park. The rippling streams with Lantana bushes along the ridges, in fact, lend a truly natural and adventurous feel. For the staunch wildlife lovers, it would indeed be great idea to go across the stream as it can easily bring a Royal Bengal tiger to their sight, if not anything else. Many a times, the Lantana bushes will give you amazing sights of the tigers. The aroma of the Mahua flowers that add to the flora of the Bijrani trail are enticing for the Sloth bears. You can get a perfect view of the Sloth bears crossing your jeep and nothing can be as exciting as such a scene. Sloth bears generally come out to enjoy the sweet nectar of the Mahua flowers and to see them sucking the nectar is indeed an engaging activity.

Location and Route

After taking entry from Amdanda gate of Bijrani range one have to cover 12 kilometer to reach Bijrani Forest Rest House. It takes around 30-40 minutes to reach at this forest rest house. This 12 kilometer of 4WD(Four-wheel drive) from Amdanda entry gate to Bijrani forest rest house is full of undulating forest landscape and can offer a great wildlife sighting any moment.

Temperature & Weather

Between November to March weather will be cold in Morning and evening while pleasant in afternoon.
From April till 15th June weather will be pleasant in Morning and evening while afternoon becomes hot. In summers during afternoons people prefer to go for safaris rather staying at forest rest house.

Light in rooms

There is no 24 hours electricity facility at Bijrani forest rest house although in evening for some time electricity is supplied by forest department by solar inverter.
Forest department offers solar powered LED lamps in all rooms and for hot water , solar water heating facility is given at a common point near rooms.


This accommodation facility is surrounded by solar power fencing to keep away animals from forest rest house. Forest department has restricted walking in forest rest house compound only , outside this compound walking is not allowed.
All accommodation facility in Bijrani forest rest house is masonry (pakka accommodation). There is no tent or mud cottage.


Bijrani FRH offers you night stay amidst the large forest in their beautifully built rest houses. This lonesome forest abode consists total of 6 rooms which comprises 4 double bed rooms and 2 single bed rooms along with 1 dormitory consists of 4 beds. Though this forest guest house is located almost 9 km inside the forest from the nearby town Ram Nagar but lodging and dining here are fairly good. The rooms are very comfortable and bathrooms are neat and clean along with all the basic room amenities. The guest house complex has its own canteen and a restaurant offering the variety of tasty vegetarian foods as buffet meals at very affordable prices. The complex has large clean compound area around it where you can take a walk or just relax beneath the tree. The complex is covered with fences for the safety of people staying here. Tourists visited here often found telling how much they enjoyed here and praising about the food they had been served along with the warm hospitality of the Bijrani FRH staffs. The non-veg. food items and alcohols are strictly prohibited inside the park. Also, you should keep all your used personal remains and disposable items in a carry bag and later dispose it of out of the park after finishing your tour.

Flora & Fauna

Bijrani is the place that offers tourists with exemplary diversification in wildlife such as tiger, Wild Dogs, Jackals, Sloth Bear, Barking Deer, Indian Python, Leopard, King Cobra, and Elephant including an array of reptiles and of course, some rare species of birds. Jeep safari is a thrilling experience as it helps you explore the rugged terrain of Bijrani , but if you are serious enough to get access to the remote ridges of national park, Elephant safari could be the best option out. The wild dogs which are popularly known as Dhole by the local inhabitants, are found only in Bijrani, and have a strikingly focused community-hunting technique.

How to Reach

The entry to Bijrani forest rest house is through the Aamdanda gate. Aamdanda gate is situated about 2 km from the nearest town named Ram Nagar and the forest house is around 7 km from the entry gate. You have to show the entry permit to the forest guards at the gate in order to enter into the restricted park. You can only use the authorized vehicles to ride inside the park, walking or personal vehicle is not allowed. There is buffer area of around 5 km then comes the core area of the Bijrani ecotourism zone. The spectacular view of the rich lush wild nature will be in front of your eyes as soon as your vehicle enters from the gate. So, satiate your love for the wild life at this place and spend one or two days in the forest house to get the adventurous feel of being a part of the forest.


The magnificent picturesque landscape of the Bijrani Zone can easily be explored from here. By using the facility of jeep safari, you can take a ride deep into the jungle observing animals and hoping to have a sight of a roaming tiger. If you want you can roam whole day in a jeep safari catching the glimpse of wildlife in large and capturing them with your camera. Along with the jeep ride, the elephant ride is also available to roam into the jungle but not too deep inside the forest.

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