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Jim Corbett National Park Weather & Temperature

The climate in Corbett National Park is temperate through the year but best weather is from 15th November till June 30th (also during this time, most park gates are open for public). Corbett National Park Weather during Winter Months (October, November, December, January and February) has temperature variation of 5 °C to 30 °C. Winter mornings in Jim Corbett can be foggy but pleasant afternoon makes it a good time for enjoying safari.

Jim Corbett temperature during Summer Months (March, April, May and June) touch 40°C and the average temperature is about 30°C. Wildlife enthusiast should prefer visiting Jim Corbett National Park during this season as this period is perfect for animal sighting near water holes. .

Jim Corbett National Park Weather during Monsoon Months (July, August and September) witness rainfall; there can be light rainfall intermittently whole through the season. The monsoon weather is good to enjoy natural beauty but few zones of the park are closed during these months.

Corbett National Park is a significant part of North India tourism and it can be visited anytime of the year but summer months are perfect for animal sighting if you’re a wildlife enthusiast. Winter months are ideal for safaris and taking up jungle activities. Monsoon is that period of the year when natural beauty blossoms making the region very picturesque and scenic to onlookers.

Month wise- Weather and Climate at Jim Corbett National Park

January - Very Cold: January offers very cool climate and the mornings can be foggy. Afternoons are warm and you will require warm clothes for this month. Special care needs to be taken if travelling with kids or old people.

February - Moderately Cold: Climate is good for tourist activities. Cool days and cold night are a general trend. Temperatures start warming at the end of the month, but light woolens might be required during the evenings.

March – Pleasant: Weather is pleasant during days with cool night and is good for exploring the national park and the areas around it. The sky is clear for most part of the day with plenty of sunshine.

April & May- Moderately Hot: Moderate climate with warm days and pleasant nights. The temperatures start rising at mid of may but still in comfortably hot range.

June Hottest Month: June is hottest month in Jim Corbett. But on an average morning & evening are still pleasant to sit in outdoors. by mid / end of June, few regions of park will be closed for tourism activities, to reopen Oct/Nov.

July – September Rainy: This Period witnesses heavy monsoon rains. from this month onward few zones of park get closed for tourism activities

October-  Pleasant: October is welcoming month with pleasant days and nights. Rainfall stops completely from this month, but the impact of the rains has still not vanished.

November - Moderately Cold: November is moderately cold and good for all types of tourist activities and is beginning of tourist season. Tariffs for tour packages as well as hotels will be increase from this month. So make sure you book in advance. You can also book Jim Corbett packages from Delhi.

December - Very Cold: December has very cool days and nights. Foggy mornings can prevent you from exploring the nature during mornings but as the sun comes out of its slumber and shines through, the skies get clear and the temperatures gets warmer.

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