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Stay Facilities at Corbett National Park- Jim Corbett National Park is only national park of India that allow overnight stay inside park. Tourist can book night accommodation between mid November to end of June. The night stay inside gives you an opportunity to view variety of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Food Facilities at Corbett National Park- Canteens are located at Dhikala, Gairal and Bijrani. However, at other places in Corbett national park where canteen facility is not available cooking utensils and crockery have been provided for visitors to carry their rations and cook their own meals. Consumption of non-vegetarian food and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside park.

Hotels and Resort in Ramnagar Corbett National Park -Ramnagar is a small town located near Corbett National Park. This famous tiger territory is open for tourism all throughout the year. In the recent years many resorts have been developed that plays a vital role in the promotion of tourism in region. Corbett Hotels are unique in some way, whether it is architectural design or natural settings .

Safari Rides: Visitors can enjoy thrilling safari rides to explore wildlife & natural beauty of Corbett, allowing you to venture deep into park and spot animals like tigers, elephants, deer, leopards, and various bird species. These safaris are guided by trained naturalists and provide a memorable wildlife experience.

Nature Walks: Corbett also offers guided nature walks for visitors who want to explore park on foot. Accompanied by experienced guides, you can take leisurely walks through forest, learn about flora & fauna, and appreciate pristine surroundings.

Bird Watching: Corbett is haven for bird watchers, with over 600 species of birds recorded in region. The park provides excellent opportunities for bird watching, and several designated spots are perfect for observing wide variety of avian species. Experienced guides can accompany you to enhance your birding experience.

Interpretation Centers: Corbett has opened an interpretation center that offer information about park's biodiversity, conservation efforts, and various species found within. This center provide educational exhibits, audio-visual presentation, and interactive display, allowing visitors to learn more about flora and fauna of Corbett.

Wildlife Photography: Photography enthusiasts can capture stunning images of park's wildlife and landscapes. However, it's essential to follow the park's guidelines and respect the animals' natural habitat.

River Rafting: Kosi river rafting services temporarily suspended by uttarakhand government. (Operates Only in Monsoon Season)

Souvenir Shops: Visitors can many find souvenir shop near park entrance, where they can purchase handicrafts, local products, and wildlife-themed memorabilia.

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