Terms & Conditions



Please scroll down to accept terms & conditions , before proceeding for online booking request- MAKING A RESERVATION REQUEST for CTR-Corbett Tiger Reserve and Jim Corbett National Park ON THIS WEBSITE WILL IMPLY YOUR AGREEMENT TO ANY AND ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS LAID DOWN HERE.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Any day visit transaction for which entry permit have been generated, cannot be cancelled under any circumstances and no request of refund/ reschedule would be entertained.

2. If amount has been deducted but no entry permit could be generated due to any technical error, whole amount would be refunded to the same bank account. However it is necessary that all such cases be brought in the notice with in 24 hrs. No refund will be made due to any mistake done by the applicant at the time of booking.

3. Any booking for day visit to CTR during rainy season (1st June to 14th Nov for Jhirna and Dhela zones) is provisional and can be cancelled at a short notice depending on the weather condition, to ensure visitor's safety. Hence all such bookings during this period are done at visitor's risk and no refund can be claimed if it is cancelled due to bad weather conditions. For Jhirna and Dhela zones, 7 days advance booking is allowed from July to September. All Such advance reservations from July to September will not be cancelled/transferred or refunded.In case of any upward revision of rates by the Government, the additional charges will be collected from the visitors at the time of entry in Corbett Tiger Reserve.

4. All reservations for use of any facility including entry and stay in Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) are provisional in nature and are subject to modification/cancellation by the Field Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve without assigning any reasons.

5. The entry permit and all accompanying reservations are solely intended for use by the person(s) in whose name such reservations are being obtained. These are non transferable, non refundable except where specifically provided and cannot be resold, transferred, changed or modified in any manner whatsoever for use by any person(s) other than those in whose name the original reservations are made.

6. Entry on a reservation will be limited only to those in whose name and identity the original reservations have been made. The CTR administration and the booking agency  is under no obligation whatsoever to provide entry and other facilities to any additional or alternate person(s) under any circumstances whatsoever.

7. It is the responsibility of the persons making the reservation to ensure that all personal details as provided at the time of making reservations are complete and accurate. Entry may be denied to persons whose personal details are found to be false or incomplete in any respect.

8. Foreign nationals are required to clearly state their nationality at the time of making the reservation. Any such discrepancy may invite penal action including but not limited to cancellation of permits and denial of entry.

9. All visitors are required to produce any one of the identity cards (Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card, Govt. Employee Card, Passport or Student ID) for verification at the entry point and on demand by officials.

10. Any attempt to enter CTR on fake or modified permits or those on another person’s name will invite strict legal action which may lead to imprisonment and or fine.


11.Visitors are advised to acquaint themselves with gate timings and arrive well before the designated time to avoid any inconvenience, timings are seasonable and changes during summer, winter and monsoon months. Late entry will not be permitted. Late arrival at exit gates may invite fines and/or other legal action.

12. Consumption of alcoholic drinks and non-vegetarian food is not permitted inside the park boundary. Visitors may not carry such products inside the Corbett Tiger Reserve. All visitors entering the various ecotourism zones of Corbett Tiger Reserve agree not to be under the influence of any alcoholic, narcotic or psychotropic substances at any point of time during their stay in the Tiger Reserve.

13. All tourists in Corbett Tiger Reserve must be accompanied by a registered Nature Guide or Naturalist provided at the respective gate or at the Director Office at Ramnagar.

14. Corbett Tiger Reserve is a litter free zone. Visitors are required to carry a Garbage Bag on entry and carry all their non biodegradable litter outside the Corbett Tiger Reserve on exit. Littering will invite strict penalties.

15. Carrying of firearms of any kind is not permitted within the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

16. Pets are not permitted inside the Corbett Tiger Reserve.

17. Getting down of the safari jeep, Walking or trekking by visitors is strictly prohibited inside the Jim Corbett National Park.

18. Driving inside the Corbett Tiger Reserve beyond designated timings and on closed trails /beyond Tourism Zones is prohibited. Visitors are also prohibited from taking vehicles other than designated by the authorities or taking vehicles off routes other than designated by the authorities thereby causing damage to plants or animal life or their habitat.

19. Cooking is not allowed at Forest Rest Houses, where government canteen facilities are there like Dhikala and Bijrani tourist complexes. In other Forest Rest Houses, visitors can cook within the designated space.

20. Smoking inside the Corbett Tiger Reserve Boundaries and lighting of any kind of fire is strictly prohibited.

21. Playing of transistors, tape recorders, mobiles and other similar equipment within the Tiger Reserve without use of a headphone is strictly prohibited.

22. Blowing of horns and driving above the speed limit is strictly prohibited within the Tiger Reserve.

23. Shouting at, recording, imitating, teasing or chasing animals or approaching them too closely and/or feed them or any attempts to do so are prohibited and will invite severe penalties.

24. Visitors are advised to occupy the accommodation as reserved on the first day itself or send prior intimation to hold the accommodation. Otherwise, the reservation will be treated as cancelled.

25. A maximum of two adults and two children (below 12 years) per room are allowed to stay in the Forest Rest Houses in CTR. One extra bed per room can be provided on payment of prescribed charges by CTR authorities.

26. Day visits to Dhikala Tourism Zone are not permitted except in conducted tours organized by Corbett Tiger Reserve.

27. Visitors are permitted entry only on specially designated vehicles registered with CTR & Corbett Park Authorities and entry of any private vehicles for tourism inside the Jim Corbett National Park is strictly prohibited and punishable act.

28. All visitors to the Tiger Reserve are governed by the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act and rules made there under.   


29. In case entry to the Tiger Reserve is disrupted due to any natural causes such as rains, floods, landslides, strike, closure etc, entry may be denied in view of visitor safety. However, no refund shall be made for advance reservations in such situations. Visitors to CTR –Jim Corbett National Park may especially make note of this. It will not be possible to arrange any alternate or additional visits for visitors in such circumstances by the oragising agency.

30. In case entry to the Tiger Reserve is disrupted due to any other factors beyond the control of the Corbett Tiger Reserve administration such as strikes, public agitations etc., the liability of the Corbett Tiger Reserve or the organizing or booking agency shall be limited to refund in part or full of any fees/charges paid in advance to CTR towards such entry and stay inside CTR. It will not be possible to arrange alternate or additional visits for visitors in such circumstances.

31. The refund shall be processed in such manner as may be laid down by the Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve. Corbett Tiger Reserve does not assume any other liability for any losses whatsoever that may occur due to factors beyond their control leading to visitors not being able to enter the Tiger Reserve.

32. Visitors are governed at all times by provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972and all other relevant laws, rules and regulations as may be prescribed. These are for your own safety and convenience and need to be strictly adhered to.


33. CTR-Corbett Tiger Reserve holds wild populations of tigers, elephants and several other species of wildlife. Access is through rugged terrain on unpaved roads and tracks across dense forests and mountain streams interior camps may have basic amenities and very limited medical facilities. All visitors to Corbett Tiger Reserve do so at their own risk and Corbett Tiger Reserve, booking agency or organiser does not accept any liability, express or implied, in part or in full, for any loss of life or personal injury or any other damage incurred for any reason whatsoever under any circumstances. By agreeing to enter CTR, the visitor indemnifies corbettpark.com website, organizer, booking agency/personals, CTR administration, the Forest Department, Uttarakhand and the Govt. of Uttarakhand against any such claim as above of any nature whatsoever for any reason and any circumstances.

34. All visitors to Corbett Tiger Reserve also agree that any rights, duties and obligations as between the valid permit holder and the Corbett Tiger Reserve shall be governed solely by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Govt. of Uttarakhand and the Govt. of India and no other jurisdiction.

35. Any litigation arising out of any such rights, duties and obligations as between the valid permit holder and the Corbett Tiger Reserve shall be brought only before the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ramnagar in the state of Uttarakhand, India and no other.