Wildlife Safari Tour in Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is located in the newly formed Indian state of Uttranchal. Well established in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas, Corbett National Park is home to a variety of flora and fauna. It is famous for its wild population of Tigers, Elephants and Leopards. Corbett National Park is regarded as the heaven for Tigers as well as its prey including varieties of Deers, wild boars and other lesser known animals. If you want to track leopards then you can locate them in the hilly part of the Park. Elephants are one of the main attractions of the Corbett Park. In the southern part of the Park you can spot the Dole or Wild Dogs and Jackals. The Langurs can be spotted all over the Park.

You can enjoy with a variety of Wildlife Safaris available at your disposal to explore this wonderful natural habitat. This includes Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Horse Safari and Bird Safari. Jeep Safari is the most convenient way to travel within the Corbett National Park can be very useful for Tiger tracking. You can also spot fish-eating Gharials and marsh Crocodiles on the way. Wildlife enthusiasts can also choose the option of Elephant Safari for tracking Tigers.

Wildlife safari timing in corbett national park is just like other nationla parks in the country. Timings for entry into, and exit from, the park vary according to the season. In winters, due to the shorter duration of daylight hours, the morning entry time is later and evening exit time is earlier.

Winter Timings:
Morning Safari: 0730 hrs
Evening Safari: 1500 hrs
Morning Safari: 1030 hrs
Evening Safari: 1700 hrs

Summer Timings:
Morning Safari: 0630 hrs
Evening Safari: 1600 hrs
Morning Safari: 0930 hrs
Evening Safari: 1800 hrs

Mainly there are 03 entry gates for Jeep safari in Corbett national park:

1. Jirna Gate - Open Round the Year
2. Bijrani Gate - 01st Oct till 30th June
3. Dhangari - 16th Nov- 15 June

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