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Our SCHOOL WINTER and SUMMER CAMPS are organized near Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad and provide children an opportunity to access an open playground set in the Kumaon Himalayas, primarily near Corbett National Park, Nainital, Ranikhet, Almora, Kausani and Rudrapur. The focus is on FUN, EXPLORATION and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Competition and accomplishment are not the agenda. At our summer camps, children can enjoy themselves to the fullest, learn new skills, experience new cultures, and become part of a close, cohesive team and build
FRIENDSHIP that last LIFETIME. The program is designed to help your child build confidence and self- reliance, be more at ease with others and open to new ideas. Away from HEAT and POLLUTION, in delightful surroundings of MOUNTAINS,JUNGLE AND RIVER, you can enjoy a gamut of summer camp activities.

TREE SPOTTING The participants are briefed about the trees commonly found in the area during summer camps. Each team member has to spot out Trees to their instructors in and around our camps in Nainital, Corbett Park and Ranilhet.

BIRD WATCHING A similar game to tree spotting, the participants have booklets detailing about the birds commonly found in the area. There are different birds are found at different camp locations due to variation in height and weather conditions. Each team member has to spot out birds to their instructors.

NATURE TRAIL All teams get a book-let at the beginning of the trip with clues to spotting different trees. eg. leaves from the trees/ plants and a small brief on the tree/plant. The children have to collect further clues e.g. leaves, seeds, a piece of the bark and as much more information about the trees and plants. Points are given according to the number of clues and the amount of information they have managed to collect from the local sources without help of instructor.

SERVICES PROJECTS The forest management program is based all year round. The activities differ depending on the time of year. The aim is to contribute directly to aforestasion by planting trees, collecting seeds, pitting, hoeing, mulling, or weeding depending upon the time of the year. We invite applications for volunteers to conducts these services projects time to time.

FISHING is the Angler's delight. The most famous fish MAHSEER and other are generally found in the area. Additionally children learn how to make fishing rods (the local way) and angling skills.

SWIMMING Corbett Wilds offers a large, natural swimming pool. Kosi River, to help cool you down on a hot summer day.

TEAM SPORTS Strengthen team skills while developing lasting relationships in team sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Indian games like Kabaddi, Kho-Kho etc..

NIGHT HIKES Discover what goes on outside after the sun goes down as you are led on a hike throughout the camp site.

CAMP FIRE No camp setting is complete without a camp fire. Each night the entire camp will come together to sing camp songs, tell stories, and reflect on the things learned.

HANDICRAFTS The children learn to make small wooden souvenirs from small pieces of dry wood or roots from a local craftsman.

AYURVEDA Learn the ways and methods of traditional herbs in the medicine. Village Ayurved expert shares her knowledge with the students with walks through the jungle.

VILLAGE BASED ACTIVITIES The students choose from a variety of vocational skills, which they learn from the villagers. Iron smith The children learn to work the traditional furnace and help the local iron-smith make traditional iron tools and utensils.Carpenter Learn to use various carpentry tools to help the carpenter make local village furniture and wood carvings Handmade Cards Learn to make greeting cards with handmade paper and dried leaves and petals.

Apart from introducing to activities and skills, we also take students for the local sightseeing and excursion to aware about the local cultures and livings, languages, food habits etc and local tours like Nainital lake and city Tour, Ranikhet Cantonment Tour, Tour to Chaubatia botanical Garden, visit to Garjia Temple, Jim Corbett House, Corbett Fall.

At our Summer Camp- visit to industrial units like Nestle, Parle, Bisleri, Pepsi, Paper manufacturing unit, news paper printing and packaging units and many others may where to exposed to how things are manufactured and packaged before reaching to shops and ultimately to consumers. Also some engineering establishments like Telco, Ashok Lyland Mahindra & Mahindra or Bajaj Motors where student know how machines and motors are manufactured and assembled so the general public use them.

NOTE: Above programs and activities and campus specific.

We arrange summer camps for school in close proximity around Delhi, Gurgoan, Noida at our different camp locations- near corbett park, near nainital, near ranikhet (near sitlakhet). We arrange these summer camps in green forest alongside River, camps in Mountains and Hills, in Orchards. These summer camps are aimed for the students from Gurgoan, Noida, Faridabad and Delhi and our camp locations are well connected with good road and train and just few hours travel from Delhi NCR, hence also make perfect weekend camps getaway for the parents as well, who wants to see how these camps are organised. We also have pick-up and transfer facility from Noida, Gurgoan, Faridabad and Delhi .

Block your seat and RESERVE your Summer School Camp NOW, Please write us on corbettpark@gmail.com ; with subject: SUMMER CAMP