List of Mammals and Reptiles seen in India and Nepal, Jos Stratford (5th December 2003 - 4th January 2004)

Not including occasional small rodents and other mammals, a total of 21 species were recorded. The following list details all the sightings in India and Nepal. It will come as no surprise that most species were recorded only, or in their best numbers, in the major national parks, most notably in Ranthambhore, Corbett and Chitwan.


Rhesus Macaque *

Abundant throughout India, recorded at all sites visited, including urban areas. In Nepal, the monkeys were common at Bardia, a few also at Chitwan and common at some of the historic sites in Kathmandu (several in Durbar Square and many at Swayambhunath).

Hanuman Langur *

With the exception of Bharatpur, this monkey was commonly seen throughout India. In Nepal, the species was also common at Chitwan, but only about ten were seen at Bardia.

Sambar *

In India, this was a common species of deer at both Ranthambhore and Corbett. A few were also seen at Bharatpur.

Indian Muntjac (Barking Deer) *

Common in Corbett National Park. In addition, a single was seen in the Mongoli Valley near Naini Tal. Not seen in Nepal.

Spotted Deer *

The most abundant of the deer on the sub-continent, many were seen at Bharatpur, Ranthambhore and Corbett in India, along with good numbers at Chitwan in Nepal. Away from the national parks, five were also noted at Kumeria.

Hog Deer *

Two were noted in the community forest near Meghauli village at Chitwan in Nepal.

Nilgai *

All records in India. Nilgai were particularly abundant at Ranthambhore, with smaller numbers also noted at Bharatpur and Corbett.

Wild Boar *

Wild Boars were seen in good numbers at Corbett National Park. Elsewhere, two were seen at Bharatpur and a few at Ranthambhore. Not seen in Nepal (but is common at Chitwan and Bardia).

Asian Elephant *

In India, three small herds, totalling about 18 animals, were seen on the grasslands near Dhikala in Corbett National Park. In Nepal, animals were heard at Chitwan, where a small wild population now exists. Working animals were seen at Bardia and Chitwan.

Indian Rhinoceros *

Seen at both Bardia and Chitwan in Nepal. At Bardia, a single was seen near the village and another crossing the Karnali River, whilst at Chitwan one was noted not far from Tiger Tops and a pair on the banks of the Rapti River near Meghauli.

Common Jackal *

Common and widespread in the national parks in India - at least ten were seen at Bharatpur, two at Ranthambhore and a minimum of 25 at Corbett. Though not seen in India, several were heard calling at Chitwan.

Tiger *

Highlight of the trip, four tigers were seen at Ranthambhore - a pair sunbathing near a lake, a single female wandering along a track and another single in forest along the entrance road to the reserve (outside the national park and in the area most favoured for birding). In addition, pugmarks were seen throughout the area, as well as at Corbett. In Nepal, fresh tracks were also seen at Bardia and, in very high densities, at Chitwan, particularly in the Tiger Tops area.

Leopard *

Standing atop a cliff, gazing down, a splendid Leopard was seen along the entrance road to the national park at Ranthambhore. Catching the last rays of the sun, casually strolling along, then sitting, this was a fantastic bonus to end the day.

Grey Mongoose *

Recorded in both India and Nepal - two at Bharatpur, two at Bardia and one at Chitwan.

Ruddy Mongoose *

Only record was a single in Ranthambhore National Park in India.

Small Indian Mongoose *

In India, three were noted at Bharatpur and a single at Ramnagar, with a single also seen in Kathmandu in Nepal.

Five-striped Squirrel

In lowland India, these squirrels were abundant at both Bharatpur and Ranthambhore, occurring both in the national parks and in urban areas (common in gardens and on buildings).

Orange-bellied Himalayan Squirrel *

Both sightings were in Nepal - singles at Chitwan and at Phulchowki.

Indian Hare *

Two were seen at Ranthambhore.

Black Rat *

Changing trains in central Delhi late at night, the station was a wildlife paradise! Many dozen Black Rats scavenged between the tracks, with many more scampering across the platforms - all totally unconcerned by the crowds of people who were equally unconcerned by the rats!

House Shrew *

This long-nosed, stubby-tailed little fellow was a nightly visitor to my room at Bardia in Nepal.

List of Reptiles Seen in India and Nepal

5th December 2003 - 4th January 2004

Winter is not the best time to notch up an impressive list of reptiles in the two countries, but nevertheless two of the most impressive species of snake were noted, along with both species of crocodile.

Garial Crocodile *

This long-snouted fish-eater was seen at Dhikala in Corbett National Park, where several were seen sunning on the opposite side of the lake to the camp.

Mugger Crocodile *

Small numbers were seen in the lakes at Ranthambhore and Corbett, plus on the small pools and in the river at Chitwan.

Indian Python *

Four very large Indian Pythons, each measuring about two and a half in length, were seen at Bharatpur - two at Python Point and two near the second checkpoint.

King Cobra *

A two-metre King Cobra was found sunning itself in the forest near Tiger Tops at Chitwan.

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