best time to visit jim corbett national park for corporates

BEST Tiger Sighting time- Jim Corbett National ParK for corporates

winter (October - February) and summer (March-June) seasons are ideal & best time for tiger sighting in Jim Corbett National Park for corporates. During summer, vegetation in jim corbett national park gets dried and during this time extreme heat forces, animals to venture stay near watering holes to keep them hydrated and this makes easier to sight them in Jim Corbett National Park during Jungle Safari. March to June is surely the best time for safari in Jim Corbett for corporate groups and photographers and visitors who want to click some rare photographs of tigers of Jim corbett national park. In winter months, tigers can be spotted basking under the sun, while in the summer months, they can be sighted frequently visiting the water Jim Corbett national Park.

However 03 safaris area are remain open during July, August & September for Tiger Sighting in Jim Corbett National Park viz Dhela, Jhrina & Fato Safari zone but the best time to visit Corbett in winter months is from 15th October to 15th March because during this period of time all the tourism zones of Corbett are open for visitors and one can visit the entire national park area.

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