jim corbett cloths to wear & pack list

jim Corbett National Park cloths- wear & pack list

Clothes you should carry & wear to Corbett national park are totally opposite depending on season in which you are visiting Jim Corbett National Park. Summers in Jim Corbett are blisteringly hot and you should expect unrelenting heat day after day if you are visiting jim corbett during April till June months, with temperatures soaring between 35 and 47 degree centigrade most of the day, even lightest of T-shirts feel like warm jacket. Take along your lightest clothes during summer months with definite inclusion of cap and dark glasses. Clothes to wear and pack on Jim Corbett Visit during winter months, specially between November till February, is just oppositeis to Summer months.
Morning safari drives into park during winter months are freezing cold and how many ever layers you wear sometimes feel insufficient. The days however are extremely pleasant and a light sweatshirt can more than suffice somethime. Evenings and night once again get very chilly. Carrying along woolen cap and muffler is advisable, particularly if you are visiting during late december and in month of January. For those who intend to take photographs during wee hours of morning without pressing all the wrong buttons on their cameras, take along a pair of gloves that are thin yet warm and provide for sufficient movement of hands.

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