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Jim Corbett Jhirna Forest Rest House Booking

Jhirna Forest lodge is situated Ramnagar ot Kalagarh road. Khara/Kalagarh is the main entry gate of this zone. This is the southern part of Jim Corbett Park. Before Tiger project relocation until 1994, Jhirna zone was an agricultural village. Jhirna zone has dense Bamboos forest so its surrounding is perfect for Royal Bengal Tiger and wild Elephants. Other various wild animals are easily found in this zone.
Jhirna Forest lodge is situated in between of the park. There are only 4 rooms to stay kitchen must carry by the visitors. Jhirna zone opens whole of the year. But rainy season July, August are not advisable to stay the forest lodge.
The Jhirna jeep safari zone is one of the most eye-catching spots inside the Jim Corbett National Park and is visited by tourists by the Corbett Safari booking facilities. It lies at a distance of 16 km from Ramnagar and tourists need to have a special permit issued by the national park authority prior to making an entry to the zone. The Jhirna jeep safari region is an exciting zone which gives tourists some of the fascinating views of nature and wildlife. However, for the tourists visiting this zone, it is mandatory to stay at the forest rest house and bookings shall be done, by the authorities concerned, prior to their accommodation.
Jeep Safari at the Jhirna Zone in Corbett National Park Jhirna Zone entry is through Dhela Gate which is 20 kms away from the Corbett Wild Retreat. Jhirna tourism zone lies in the southern part of the premises of the park. Jeep Safari at the Jhirna Zone in Corbett National Park is open throughout the year. Its topography mainly constitutes deciduous and secondary forests interspersed with plush open grasslands that offer amazingly good visibility of wild animals. Machans have been set up by the Corbett National Park authorities for the visitors so that they can have a view of the wild animals in their natural habitat. Huge and widespread stream beds and steep cliff edges offer good prospects for bird watching.

Flora and Fauna

The terrain consists of large open grasslands, popularly known as Chaur. Its topography is mainly dry deciduous type with secondary forest. There are numerous natural streams inside the area. The stream beds are warm and accessible for exploring. There are cliff edges along with the streams, which can prove to be a good way for bird watching.
The entry into the zone is remarkable, as unique chirps of birds in wide range, and roars of the glorious tiger make the visit worthwhile. This place is blessed with tigers. The best part of this zone is the common chance of spotting tigers in their natural habitat. You may catch glimpses of these beasts while bathing, hunting or laying around for relaxing. Jhirna Safari zone is full of natural gift and specially known for its wild deer which suddenly appears from nowhere near your vehicle.


You can use the safari which you have booked at the entrance of the zone to reach at the FRH in order to explore the deep insides of the forest in the daytime. You can indulge in bird watching here as there are a large variety of birds found in this zone. The guest house has a large, clean open area as its compound where you can roam and relax quietly.


There is one forest lodge in this zone, which provides you with 4 neat & clean rooms, each with a double bed and an attached bathroom. Tourists can book a maximum number of 2 rooms for 3 nights. All the rooms are well spacious and clean, but the facilities provided are very less. Forest rest house is one of the perfect places to enjoy wildlife while staying in the midst of the dense forest.

How to Reach

Though a day visit to Jhirna Zone is open throughout the year, depending on the weather conditions, but the night stay at forest rest house is allowed only from the 15th Nov to 15th June of every year. In the remaining days of the year, the night stay remains closed for the tourists.
The entry gate of this zone is Dhela Gate, which is around 20 km from Ramnagar, the nearest town of Corbett Park. You have to show the entry permit at the gate in order to get inside the park. So, if you want to stay at the Jhirna FRH, you need to book the room at the FRH, hire a jeep safari and a guide which is mandatory to enter in the park.

Dining Facility

Being located in the core of the Jungle, the dining facility in Jhirna FRH is limited. It means there is a kitchen in the guest house with the cook but visitors have to bring the raw materials with them in order to get the cooked food. The cook of the forest lodge will cook the raw items provided by you and serve you the hot meal. You can only bring the raw vegetarian items to be cooked and wine is prohibited inside the forest lodge.

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